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Clinical Value Analysis

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Clinical Value Analysis

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AllSpire Health GPO ties together subject-matter experts from value analysis teams representing each of our member health systems to determine relative value of products and services in three categories: Clinical Resource Management, Physician Preference Items and Purchased Services. Clinical Value Analysis at AllSpire Health GPO provides support for our Member’s existing quality improvement initiatives allowing them to exceed their goals across the care continuum through the power of collaboration.

Clinical Resource Management

Clinical Resource Management involves standardizing acquisition of commonly purchased products and supporting their appropriate utilization leading to high-value quality outcomes.

AH GPO has developed a formal governance assessment process that examines the total cost of ownership across the care continuum by prioritizing patient outcomes with a clinical evidence-based supply chain. This comprehensive process combines multi-disciplinary stakeholder groups that interact on a regular basis to evaluate and execute opportunities that ensure economic sustainability, improve patient access, and enhance clinical excellence.

Operating Committee

Successful AH GPO implementation requires subject matter expertise and initiative prioritization from the supply chain team. AH GPO has assembled a tenured group of Supply Chain VPs, one from each of the member IDNs, to utilize their expertise garnered from countless conversations, negotiations, and learning, in order to support and accelerate the initiatives of the organization.

Collaborative Committees

AH GPO has developed specialized committees grouped by subject matter and led by service line/department leaders in that discipline from each Member IDN who evaluate products and services.

Physician Preference Items

Physician Preference Items (PPI) are specialized implanted medical devices and ancillary items that our surgical and interventional clinicians use, and for which vendor and product selection may impact outcomes in addition to cost.

Purchased Services, Software & Capital Expenditures

Purchased Services are any services contracted for and performed by a third party rather than a health system’s in-house staff.

Purchased services span departments across the entire health system including clinical (e.g., blood services, dialysis), financial (e.g., revenue cycle management), environmental (e.g., facility cleaning, laundry) and support services (e.g., ambulance, transcription). AH GPO works to correctly benchmark and contract regional services to provide realized savings to the member health systems, with meaningful savings that can support enhanced patient care.

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